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What is the On-the-Job Training Program?

VCCICC and the VT Department of Labor collaborate to offer an On-the-Job Training Program designed for newer employees in the field who may only work part-time. Employers who are interested in supporting an On-the-Job Trainee (OJT) need to match the OJT with a qualified mentor, who is a more experienced employee in their workplace. OJTs document 1,000 hours of supervised on-the-job training and complete 55 hours of community based trainings to gain knowledge and skills needed to work more effectively in the field. After successful completion of the OJT Program, trainees may be eligible to transfer into the Registered Child Care Apprenticeship Program.

What are the benefits for On-the-Job Trainees?


Who qualifies to be an On-the-Job Trainee?

Typically OJTs are new to the field and/or individuals who have not had formal training in the early childhood and afterschool fields. All must have a willingness to commit to fully participate in a training program.


How do I become an On-the-Job Trainee?

Your employer must agree to sponsor you in this training program and match you with a qualified mentor in your workplace. If your employer is interested in becoming a sponsoring program, please have them contact VCCICC.

Work Process Hours

OJTs must document a total of 1,000 hours of supervised work. Depending on the number of hours worked per week, this could take anywhere from 6 months for full-time employees, to a year or more for part-time employees. OJTs learn to use an Excel sheet to “code their day” by indicating the number of hours spent working per day in each competency area.·


Mentors are experienced head teachers, assistant directors, program coordinators, directors, and others who have agreed to provide guidance and support to the apprentice. Mentors have extensive experience working with young children. Typically they have a minimum of an Associate’s Degree in Early Childhood Education or a related field. They are willing to provide ongoing support and on-the-job mentoring to the OJT; and submit monthly documentation of observations and assessments to VCCICC. The employer is responsible for matching the OJT with a qualified co-worker to serve as a mentor. (Please see more info about specific mentor qualifications under “Sponsors: What types of programs can participate in the OJT Program?”)


What are the benefits for Mentors?


Mentors also agree that supervision and assessment will be part of their work for the duration of time the OJT is enrolled in the Program.


Employers who support staff members in the On-the-Job Training Program are called “Sponsors”.


What are the benefits for the child care·Sponsor?

Sponsors will benefit:

How much does it cost to be part of the On-the-Job Training Program?

Each OJT, mentor and employer must pay a $25 annual membership fee to the VT Child Care Industry and Careers Council while participating in the program.

On-the-Job Training