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Work Processes for Apprentices

Work Process


A. Planning a Safe, Healthy, Learning Environment

  • Understands and implements an environment and procedures
  • which help ensure safety of all children in care.
  • Responds appropriately in the event of a health or safety crisis
  • Uses effective teaching techniques to teach children about
  • Health and safety


B. To Advance Children's Physical and Intellectual Development

  • Plans and implements a developmentally appropriate program that
  • supports and enhances children's physical and intellectual needs
  • Appropriately adapts the environment and activities to meet the
  • needs of all children in care including those with special needs


C. To Support Children's Social and Emotional Development

  • Demonstrates appropriate communication and child guidance
  • techniques for individual children and groups of children
  • Plans and implements activities designed to enhance children's
  • social and emotional development


D. Positive and Productive Relationships with Families

  • Demonstrates respect for all families through all interactions
  • Uses knowledge to support families in ways that meet their needs
  • Incorporates diversity in meaningful ways in the classroom


E. Strategies to Manage an Effective Program

  • Organizes and develops resources to better serve children and families
  • Demonstrates effective teaching and group management techniques


F. Maintaining a Commitment to Professionalism

  • Implements positive relationships with coworkers, parents and employer
  • Appropriately uses child care program, educational and professional
  • resources to develop professional knowledge and skills


G. Observing and Recording Children's Behavior

  • Documents observations and behavior of children in order
  • to better understand meet needs of all children
  • Documents observations and behavioral incidents in order to meet
  • program and licensing requirements


H. Principles of Child Growth and Development

  • Plans and implements activities to support all aspects of child development


Total Hours